• Lindsay's Welcome Message

    Lindsay McCoy welcome message

  • What equipment do I need for the exercise classes?

    The exercise videos use some props. Props are: yoga block, yoga strap, bolster, half dome, squishy ball and something to hold onto like a sturdy chair. Most of these can be found on Amazon and other stores online like yogaaccessories.com or in person stores like Target. They are all easy to substitute with things you have around your house. Here are our sub suggestions:

    Yoga Block→ Sturdy book or step stool
    Yoga Strap → scarf, belt, sheet [non stretchy material]
    Bolster→ A sleeping bag in sack, couch cushion, firm pillows
    Half Dome→ rolled up yoga mat
    Squishy Ball→ a balled up hand towel
    Also, have a sturdy chair nearby for balance.

  • Practice for pushing

    Down arrow: practice for pushing

  • Put in your guess date

    It is important that you’ll enter a valid guess date in the system in order to gain the full benefit of the program. You can do that by clicking on the “My Pregnancy” tab in your Program Hub dashboard.

  • How do I get my device to remember my username and password to One Strong Mama so I do not need to type it each time I want to use the program?

    If you are using an iPhone or an iPad:
    1. Logout from the program
    2. Launch the Settings app from the Home screen of your iPhone or iPad.
    3. Scroll down and tap on Safari.
    4. Now tap on Passwords & AutoFill.
    5. Turn On the option for Always Allow.
    6. Now go back to programs.bodyreadymethod.com, login and allow your browser to save username and password.

    If you are using a different device and would like your device to remember your username and password, please email support@bodyreadymethod.com and we'll walk you through the process.

  • What are the Foundations?

    Foundations teaches you the hows and whys of keeping yourself strong, functional, and pain free during pregnancy. You can access the content through the "Foundations" tab on your Program Hub page. The videos you have watched will be marked as complete with a blue check mark beside it.

  • What is Grow With You?

    Grow with You covers common “issues” that arise during pregnancy, like back and hip pain, nausea and exhaustion. While nobody experiences things in the exact same way or at the exact same time, we curate the content based on when it tends to crop up for most people. You can access it through the Grow with You tab on the Program Hub and also find all the GWU content in the library.

  • What is in the Mindset tab?

    The Mindset content is curated to prepare mentally prepare you for birth. We believe that it is equally important to be "Body Ready" as well as "Mind Ready" for birth.

  • How much time is each exercise video?

    The videos are about 25 mins long on an average but you can find the exact length of the video beside the title of the video on the Hub.