OSM+ Series: Mama Strong


Whether this is your first pregnancy or 5th one, every birth is different. Preparing your body for this transitional time is essential and there are tools and tips to make sure all the cards are stacked in your favor for an easier birth and recovery.   

Start with this complimentary 20-min workout from our One Strong Mama+ program. This workout takes the fitness level up a notch, using interval style training with weights and bands for some added resistance.  This workout is designed to:

  • Keep your pelvic floor strong 
  • Minimize Diastasis Recti/abdominal separation 
  • Prepare your body for an easier/more efficient birth
  • Minimize pain and symptoms 

This workout compliments our other series of videos that are more functional strength training and sequences that are yoga / pilates based and will have you instantly feeling stronger.

Props needed:

  • A pair of weights 
  • A yoga block
  • A round resistance band
  • A long resistance band



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