How Does it Work?
After you sign-up and are approved, you’ll get a unique URL (web link) and images that you can place on your site/blog/instagram/facebook and you can use to refer people to

When someone visits using your unique URL, a tracking cookie is created automatically so that all sales from that person will be linked to you and you’ll get paid!

You can monitor how much traffic your images and link(s) have directed to the site and the revenue your images and link(s) have generated. Referral data will be displayed in chart displays using an automated process, which can be accessed using your unique login and password on the site.

Offering Coupons and Discounts for Body Ready Programs

Each Body Ready Programs affiliate will also get a unique $10 discount coupon code.  Offering this coupon code to your network of pregnant people will allow your clients to receive a $10 discount on the program while uniquely identifying your coupon code and securing your commission.  This coupon code is to be used solely with your clients and networks – it may not be posted in any publicly searchable site. Any information (text, image, etc.) stating or alluding to you providing a coupon or discount is not to be posted in any publicly searchable site.

Affiliates for Body Ready Method® Training 

We do not provide coupons or discounts for BRM® training affiliates. They are provided a link that will track sales that come through their link. And, we ask a post-checkout question where participants can type in one name of someone who referred them to the training.

The Creatives

Our web team prepared images for you to use on your site, blog, FB. It is not mandatory for an affiliate to use these images but we strongly encourage you to take advantage of these. In any case, you may not modify any text, icon, content, tool, trademark, or any of our images in any way without prior written approval.

Commission (Referral fee)

Our standard commission rate is 25% for all of our programs except for those listed in the Product exclusion list below. If a certified BRM pro registers as pro+ or active pro, their commission increases to 30% for the duration of their registration.

There is a cookie duration of 15 days. That means you get a commission on any purchase made within those 15 days from that same customer, even if that customer goes directly to our site! The cookie will still track that customer and credit you the sale. It’s that simple.

Another point to emphasize is that in case a customer uses multiple affiliate links to access prior to making a purchase on the site, it’ll be the first affiliate associated with the customer who would be credited the commission.

Please note, a customer may clear their browser cookies at any time, in which case the affiliate can no longer be tracked unless they use your link (or for the Body Ready programs, enter a coupon code).

Commission Distribution

Commission will be distributed on the 15th of every month for referrals from the previous calendar month. Paypal will be used for distribution of the commission.

Affiliate may not receive commission off their own purchase of the program, but can use their own coupon code.

Tax forms requirement

Affiliate earning more than $600 in a tax year will be issued a 1099 at the end of that tax year. Affiliates will be required to provide relevant information to us like Address, Business name, EIN etc in that case.

Who is Eligible ?

Anyone who believes in our programs and uses ethical promotions only (no spam). Websites, social media, and marketplaces are preferred means for referrals.

Only active certified BRM pros are eligible to apply to be BRM training affiliates.

How do I Start?

Fill your details and register, we will review your application and notify you when you are approved.

Exclusions and Rules

  1. An affiliate may not offer their own private sales, cash-back offers, deals, contest or any promotion whatsoever that offers a discount on or a gift of any product involving one strong mama without a written consent from
  2.  An affiliate may not share their personal coupon code nor any other solicitation of discounts, promotions, etc.
  3. This coupon code is to be used solely with your in person clients and not to be posted in any publicly searchable site.

Product Exclusion List



Please email us here with any questions / concerns you may have.

Right to Terminate reserves the right to cancel an affiliate status upon violation of use.

Right to Modify Terms of use

These terms of use may be modified without any prior notice.

Affiliate Terms of use – Last review May 9, 2023.