About OSM

You could say that Body Ready Prenatal is an exercise program for pregnant moms, and you would be right. But it is also so much more. It’s a movement. A movement of women who have decided they they don’t need to “just deal” with sneeze pee or back pain. A movement of women who want to prepare for a smoother birth and recovery. A movement of women who are taking back their pregnancies.Because mama- you deserve to feel strong, beautiful and functional throughout your pregnancy and we are here to help you.

Like our Strong Mamas, the website is smart. Enter your guess date (the word we use for estimated due date!) in and the program automatically gives you content relevant to where you are in the journey. In addition to the exercise videos, mamas get to learn about everything from pelvic floor and core to back pain and SPD. We also have you covered no matter what type of birth you have planned with our Beautiful Birth section. No rock was left unturned as we developed our dream program for you. We welcome you to join the movement of moms ready to take back their pregnancies and proclaim that they are One Strong Mama.

About Lindsay

Hey, I’m Lindsay! My passion is pregnancy and birth. It must be in my blood because I come from a big family of Labor and Delivery nurses and OB/GYNs! Birth talk was dinner talk in my house. I believe that I have a unique skillset as not only an Exercise Physiologist who has spent years learning about not only exercise and movement, but specifically how it relates to pregnancy and birth. Beyond that, I have worked for years and with hundreds of families as both a childbirth educator and a birth doula and I believe that going through the entire process with families really gives me skills that cannot be obtained in a book. I believe that women deserve to feel strong, beautiful and empowered through pregnancy and birth.

I believe that women do not have to “just deal” with back pain and sneeze pee just because they’re a mom. I believe in the power of the amazing transformation that is becoming a mom- whether the first time or the twelfth and whether unmedicated, medicated or surgically. I believe in moms and I truly believe that helping pregnant women is my life’s work and am passionate about giving women the tools to have easier pregnancies, births, and recoveries.

About Lauren

Hi, I am Lauren. I am an internationally recognized Yoga + Pilates teacher specializing in core and pelvic floor issues. I've been teaching movement and training teachers for the past two decades. I create Online exercise programs that are challenging, unique, safe, sustainable and life-changing.

I am also a trained childbirth educator and am passionate about empowering women that pregnancy is not an illness and we do have what it takes to be a part of this unique process that includes a ton of shift, change and transition. To that end, my classes focus on cultivating balance, strength and resilience. I love teaching and showing women that they have the physical ability for a pregnancy, the inner calm to be present for their birth and the adaptability to care for babies and kids. It is not an uphill battle once you have the tools you need to be a part of this wild and crazy journey.

In addition to Yoga and Pilates I am also certified as a Restorative Exercise Specialist™, in Neurokinetic Therapy® and in Anatomy in Motion.

Body Ready Prenatal has a thriving Affiliate Program which offers great opportunities for Doulas or other professionals supporting pregnant women offer a great product and earn referral fee. You can inquire about our affiliates program below.